Top 10 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Car In The Long Run 2019

For most people, buying a car isn’t difficult. However, maintaining a car is the most tough job for the most. As the car starts to get older, people do not bother about it anymore. Below are some bad habits that you must cure to ensure longevity of your car.


Driving With Clutch Pressed

clutch press


This will shorten the life of your clutch, as well as your vehicle. Clutch helps your engine to transfer the power to the transmission. Keeping your clutch pressed means that your engine isn’t able to transfer all of its power to the transmission unit, therefore the power is lost to the clutch which causes it to wear out soon enough.


Ignoring Noises that come out of car

noises of car

You should never ever ignore the cheeky sounds coming out of the car. That could definitely mean that there is an underlying problem which needs to get cured as sooner as possible. It may not be life threatening but it certainly needs to be checked.


Putting Car in reverse while moving forward


Engaging reverse gear in your car while it is moving forward will put a ton of stress on your transmission and will cause it to wear out much quickly. If the car is moving forward and you engage reverse gear meanwhile, the front motion of the car will make the reverse gear mechanics rotate in reverse which will certainly cause damage to the car. It will also result in complete halt of the vehicle immediately.


Ignoring Tyre Maintenance  

flat tyre

Tyres are the most neglected part of the vehicle. Most people don’t care if their tyres are completely worn out as long as their car is running fine. But you should always keep one thing in mind, bald tyres cannot maintain grip on the road. If the road conditions are wet, it will definitely cause your vehicle to skid off and you’ll not be able to control it either. Therefore, make sure that your tyres are well and in certainly good condition.


Pressure Washing the Engine

engine washing

A lot of modern cars are equipped with tons of sensors and other vital components necessary for proper functioning of the vehicle. Pressure washing the engine will not only damage these sensors and other sensitive components, but will cause some components to loosen up or break out.


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Rash Driving

Driving fast is the fantasy of many. Everyone loves the thrill of driving fast and carrying as much speed as possible. Though it may seem very enjoyable, but it will cause damage to your car in the long run. It is definitely going to cause damage to the engine, transmission unit and other vital components.


Ignoring Engine Warning Signs

warning signs

The warning signs may include temperature warning or the lesser engine oil warning. You must never ever ignore these warning signs. These warning signs indicate problems that needs to be addressed immediately, otherwise you’ll face consequences. Therefore, these warning signs shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you ever suspect a warning sign upon your instrument cluster, immediately contact service or have a look at the owner’s manual to identify the problem.


Delaying Service


There is definitely a reason why car manufacturers have fixed service schedules. You may ignore the service employees calling you to get your vehicle serviced, but they definitely know the time when your car needs to be serviced.

Delaying the service by a long period of time will cause much wear and tear to your engine and may also cause your car engine to seize.


Driving Fast on a Cold Engine

driving fast

Younger generation is all about pushing their car to the limit as soon as they turn the ignition On. You should definitely warm-up the engine for a complete minute before you take it out for a ride. Always let the vehicle to warm-up properly, this will ensure the engine oil spreads to the engine and its components to provide essential lubrication. It takes some time for the engine oil to circulate inside the engine. Therefore, always avoid instant acceleration the time you start your vehicle to avoid causing excess wear and tear.


Starting the Car with AC or Sound System

ac start

As soon as you turn the ignition On and tend to start your vehicle, there is a starter-motor that runs on battery’s power to start the engine. Keeping the AC or your sound system On will not only add additional load on your vehicle, but will also decrease the life of your battery in the long run.

You must have noted that starting the car with sound system on causes it to dim or turn-off as soon as you rotate the key. It is because the starter-motor needs enough power to ignite the engine. Therefore, always ensure that you turn-off your AC or your sound system while starting your vehicle.

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