2019 Tata Harrier First Look Preview | Initial Impressions Of The Transformed H5X Concept

Tata harrier first impressions-14 review

Tata wowed the Expo crowd with its H5X concept and now finally we see the first pictures of the real car just off the production line.

Tata harrier first impressions-14 review

And surprise-surprise, it looks almost the same.

Tata harrier first impressions-3

The design cues tatted over almost intact.

Tata harrier first impressions-production plant

Produced at its plant in Pune, the Tata Harrier will go on sale in January 2019 and we can’t wait to get our hands on the car but what we’ve just seen is also extremely interesting.

Tata harrier first impressions front side

What impresses right away with the Harrier is the high mounted grille and the strips of LED lighting which are placed even higher on the bonnet.

Tata harrier first impressions front headlights

It gives it a robust strong face and Tata has moved the main headlights below these LED elements, very interesting.

Tata harrier first impressions-design

Now Tata calls this new design language Impact 2.0 and the Harrier comes with plenty of heavy cladding and SUV-like design cues.

Tata harrier first impressions-design

The new Tata Harrier doesn’t have a very stand-up cabin just like the Tata Nexon. It’s a bit low slung, it’s sporty and it is finished in a floating roof.

Tata harrier first impressions-design rear

Around the rear, the slim ‘Petal’ like tail-lights connect with each other just like on the Porsche Cayenne.



What’s even more interesting is that this is the first time that Tata and Land Rover will join hands to develop a car on the same platform.

Tata harrier first impressions-11

It’s called Omega-Arc and it promises to take Tata SUVs up to the next level.

Tata harrier first impressions engine

Under the hood is the Fiat’s 2-Liter Diesel Engine, it’s multi jet and Tata calls it Kryotech and it’s expected to make a 140 HP in the Harrier.

Tata harrier first impressions engine inlet

Tata is expected to price the Harrier between 16 and 21 Lakhs when Tata finally launches it in the January 2019.

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