Just A Firmware Update Made The 2019 Tesla Model S, The Fastest Accelerating Vehicle In The World

Just like you folks update your PC to latest firmware to ensure several bug fixes and other improvements in the updates such as enhanced appearance and increased energy efficiency. Well you all are able to do so with your smartphones and tablets. But what if you could do the same with your car too!?

tesla model s update

Yes, you got it right. Electric vehicles often receive respective firmware updates to optimize the performance of the vehicle.

tesla ludicrous mode

But this is not the case with Tesla. With most of the cars experiencing slightly improved performance via the updates, Tesla’s latest Ludicrous+ updates pushed their Model S way over the limits making it the second most fastest accelerating vehicle in the world. And, the fastest Electric vehicle.

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tesla model s warning

The Ludicrous+ Update was made available when the Faraday FF91 became the fastest Electric vehicle in the world in terms of acceleration. Faraday FF91 clocked 0-100 kmph in mere 2.4 seconds. Elon Musk didn’t waste a second and made the update available to the customers way sooner than expected. Post the update, the Tesla Model S became the fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world, with 0-100 kmph coming up in just 2.28 seconds. The Update was made available to the existing Tesla Model S owners Over The Air (OTA).

tesla model s update

The Updates are mostly being injected into the vehicle via third-party cloud service agents. For Tesla, the updates are being pushed over via Harman, which is a super secure and cloud computing company that is bringing firmware updates to the Model S.


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