2023 Kia Soul Gas Mileage Fuel Economy Test – How Well It Performs?

We test drove the new 2023 Kia Soul and we did a fuel economy test to calculate the kia soul gas mileage and to see how well it performs. As you can see right now, I had full tank of fuel and on this full tank, my fuel range is estimated by the car to be 544 kilometers before I completely run out of fuel.

2019 kia soul gas mileage

I reset my trip meter range on the screen and it reads zero. Now, what we did is we drove this new 2023 Kia Soul Turbo over the course of a week and tried to calculate how many kilometers we completed, and of course the gas mileage.

2019 kia soul gas mileage test

The 2023 Kia Soul that we tested was a 1.6-Liter 4-Cylinder turbocharged variant that generates 201 Bhp and 195 Pound-feet of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic transmission.

2019 kia soul turbo gas mileage test

To check out all the fill-up costs, we’ll head to the gas station after the test to see how much it costs to fill up. So far, we drove it for a total of 94 kilometers and achieved our lowest fuel economy of 7.8 Liters per 100 kilometers (Or 30 Miles Per Gallon), and that’s based on 60% highway and to 40% city driving.


We did three tests in the new 2023 Kia Soul and we have some gas mileage numbers here that we would like to share with you. As you can see, we’re down to less than half a tank of fuel and so far we’ve done a total of 316.4 kilometers. You’ll also notice that our remaining fuel range is rated at 217 kilometers and our average fuel economy according to the vehicle is 9 liters per 100 kilometers (Or 26 Miles Per Gallon).

2019 kia soul gas mileage economy test

The driving conditions have been pretty basic – We haven’t had the Air-Conditioning or the heating ON at all but we did had the sound system ON the whole time. Also worth mentioning is that we probably did around 50% of driving in the city and another 50% on the highway, just to give you an idea of how we got the gas mileage numbers that we did.


Now, what we did is we’re gonna fill it back up and see how much it costs us to fill up and based on that, we’ll do some calculations to get a better idea of our actual 2023 kia soul gas mileage, or you can say fuel economy. As you can see, we spent a total of CAD 36$ and 88 cents to fill-up 28.6 liters of fuel and what we’ll do now is we’ll calculate our Distance per liter which will give us an idea of how many kilometers we can travel on one liter of fuel in the new 2020 Kia Soul and to do that, we’ll take the 316.4 kilometers that we traveled and divide that by the 28.6 liters of fuel that we filled up.

2019 kia soul gas mileage economy test

So 316.4 kilometers divided by 28.6 liters gives us 11 kilometers per liter. So every liter of fuel gave us 11 kilometers of driving. Up next, we’re going to calculate our actual gas mileage and to do that, we’re going to take the 11 kilometers per liter number that we achieved and multiply that by the Kia Soul’s fuel tank capacity – which is 54 liters. So 11 kilometers per liter multiplied by 54 liters gives us 594 kilometers, so on a full tank of fuel based on our driving conditions, our actual fuel range would be 594 kilometers or 369 miles.


Total Cost Per Kilometer (Toronto, Canada)
Cost (CAD) ÷ Distance (Km)
$36.88 ÷ 316.4 Km
= 0.11 (CAD)


What we’ll do next is we’ll calculate our Cost per kilometer and how we’re going to do that? We’ll take 36 Dollars and 88 Cents that we spent filling up and divide that by the 316.4 kilometers, which gives us 9 cents per kilometer (United States).


Total Cost Per Mile (Detroit, USA)
Cost (USD) ÷ Distance (Miles)
$18 ÷ 196 Miles
= 0.09 (USD)


Now finally, what we’re going to do is we’ll calculate our cost of a full tank in the United States. In the United States, we would take the 14.2 gallons which is the fuel capacity of the new 2023 Kia Soul and multiply that by the local fuel rate in the States. At the time of our tests, the fuel rate is 2 Dollars and 40 Cents (Detroit, USA). So 14.2 gallons multiplied by a 2 Dollars and 40 Cents gives us 34 Dollars and 8 cents. Therefore, it’ll cost you USD 34.08$.

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