2020 Tata Altroz – First Look, Images, Features, Price and Specifications

2019 Tata Altroz Rear Profile

So this is the all-new 2020 Tata Altroz. This is the production version of the Tata Altroz which will be seen on the indian roads in July this year, but we are seeing it for the first time in the METAL at the Geneva Motor Show. Now clearly, you can see this the Headlights in particular they really catch your eye and they sweep back almost all the way back to the A-Pillar, the grille-a very Tata grille, it’s really keeping the design language common among the Tata cars.

2019 Tata Altroz Front Headlamps

I think there’s some very interesting elements as well. You’ve got the bonnet which is slightly raised. This is to meet the new Pedestrian Protection Standards which will come into effect in April 1st 2020. The side profile with again some interesting design elements here as you see the way the window line keeps down and then slowly Rises all the way through the top, so all the way up over here.

2019 Tata Altroz Rear

Smallish window quite frankly that does have an impact the air-iness of the cabin inside but overall if you look at it it’s a very well proportioned car and a problem with earlier Tata cars was earlier was a lot of air (gap) between the tire and the fender they’ve kind of sorted that out this time. Nice muscular looking flare of grill arches.

The back over here is a 340 Liter boot as you can see and the rear also very-very striking. These lights over here, the relief it has from the body kind of a bit of a floating effect looks very attractive and very distinctive, especially in the night. Now, let’s jump in to have a look well over the interiors. Here you’ve got the rear door handle at the c-pillar.

2019 Tata Altroz Rear AC Vents

Well the space inside fairly generous, don’t forget this is a car with a longer wheelbase than the Tata Tiago. This car that you got 2501mm wheelbase so that’s pretty generous. Legroom – Well it’s not class best as I think there’s other premium hatches that have a little bit more of legroom but this is good enough. I think a more bigger issue is that the roof as it kind of slopes down quite a bit and taller people may have a bit of an issue.

Seats on the other hand are very comfortable still the H-point is nice and high – a flat floor over at the bottom and rear Aircon vents with a 12V Socket but no USB. Otherwise fairly pretty standard for the class and plastics over here and there are not too bad even. Now, Let’s have a look at what the front is like.

2019 Tata Altroz Digital Speedometer

So the interior is also completely new but there are a lot of Tata design cues like the floating screen over the AC vents but the buttons again are a bit small. I’d like chunkier buttons. Steering wheel feels nice and sporty and you’ve got the instrumentation now similar in concept to the Harrier which is an Analogue Speedometer and a Digital Tachometer. The practicality is pretty good door bins are quite generous you’ve got one nice bin below and the cupholders and a little bit of a storage box, which is quite-quite small.

2019 Tata Altroz Side Profile

Single USB and as I overall said it’s a good driving position and the the chunky steering wheel really feels nice and sporty but the question is that – Is the car sporty? Now looking at the engine options you’ve got a 1.2 Petrol in Turbocharged and naturally aspirated version so that’s two engines with Petrol and you’ve got a Diesel which is the 1.5 Diesel which you get in the Tata Nexon.

It is slightly down rated for this car and it’s actually has to do with the gearbox as this gearbox has a torque limitation so you can expect slightly lower power in the in the new 2020 Tata Altroz as compared to the Nexon which comes with the 1.2 Turbo over there and the 1.5 Diesel. So slightly lower spec, but the car is very light as this car only weighs 965 Kgs or thereabouts, so in terms of Power-to-Weight ratio, it should be good.

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