5 Mods That Slows Down A Car And Kill Its Longevity

Most people think that modifying their cars will make their ride look cooler and will also make their ride faster, which is definitely not the case always.

Not every mod will enhance your experience with your car. There are certain mods that degrade the performance of your vehicle, therefore you shouldn’t probably use certain mods that slow down your car.

Here is a list of certain mods that slow down your vehicle –

Aftermarket Air-Intakes

Many people tend to opt for aftermarket performance air intakes for their vehicle to improve certain performance numbers. But always keep in mind that those performance intakes take in more air, which will definitely absorb more dust and more pollution that will make you change your intakes way sooner than expected. Always make sure that the air intake is compatible with your car model.

Roof-Rack or a Bumper-Guard

You all know, adding weight to a vehicle slows it down. Installing a roof-rack or a bumper-guard will not only add weight, but will also make your vehicle aerodynamically slower.

Moreover, adding a bumper-guard may sound like a good idea to protect your vehicle from certain impacts, but it won’t allow airbags to be deployed in case of an accident. Therefore, always stay away from accessories like these that compromise your life.

Ultra-Wide Body Kits

Car manufacturers spend a lot of time while testing their vehicles if they cut air well or not. Getting a wide or poor body kit installed could add drag to your vehicle, making it even more slower. Always make sure to opt for a kit that is aerodynamic and that improves performance.

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Poor Exhaust-Kits

Exhausts are present to extract all the unwanted gases from engine and remove them as fast as possible. Aftermarket exhaust-kits will only make your ride sound good, unless it is made especially for your vehicle to improve performance.

Extremely large tyres

Larger tyres definitely means more added grip on the road, thanks to the more contact area with the road, but it also means that you’ll be slower in a straight line. If you’re about to ride on a track, yes, larger tyres are great but when it comes to driving daily, you’ll notice reduced fuel efficiency and more weight on the steering.

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