Beware Of The Fake Alloys! This Bentley Owner Just Learned A Lesson

Getting hold of After-market Alloy Wheels is what people do often to save money. Definitely, Alloys may give your ride a unique look, but not all aftermarket alloys are durable. Below is the case of a Bentley where aftermarket alloys didn’t do much well-

Bentley Accident

The Bentley you’re seeing above was fitted with low-quality, aftermarket rims that appear to be a replica of Audi S8’s alloys. The Original alloys are definitely more durable as they’re made up of high quality elements, but replicas doesn’t necessarily mean that these alloys will have the same quality and durability.

Bentley Accident

While the initial cause of incident is still unknown, the aftermarket alloy has sheared-off the main alloy hub, due to which it fell off the car while driving. Luckily, the owner wasn’t doing much speeds and was able to stop the car without much damages.

Bentley Accident

Hence, always be careful while buying aftermarket alloys. Always opt for quality rims instead of saving money on a low-quality ones.

Below is the image of the original Audi’s S8 alloys-


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