BMW Fell From 7th Floor Of A Multi-Storey Car Park, Driver Rescued | Automobs

We definitely have seen cars flying, exploding and crashing to their limits in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies, but watching such thing in real life can be extremely frightening.

A horrifying CCTV footage has come over in which a BMW fell headlong from the 7th Floor of a multi-storey car parking. There came out to be a lady in the driving seat that narrowly escaped with very minor injuries.

bmw crash
Image Of The Crash.     Credits – Times Of India

The video was released by Austin Police Department showcasing a car smashed into the ground as it fell from the 7th Floor of a multi-storey car park. The accident happened as the driver accidentally pressed accelerator instead of brake pedal.

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The car also banged into a SUV on its way down but the SUV got away with a slight damage. The Car slammed into the ground, bounced off and rolled on its bonnet before coming to a halt.

Several passers-by dashed towards the flipped vehicle to save the passenger out of it. The video below is been doing rounds on social media since and have been receiving shocking reactions from all over the world.


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