Dodge Challenger Crash: 2 Men Die While Over-Speeding On An Airport Runway

Two friends passed away in a horrific crash involving a Dodge Challenger Hellcat over the weekend when they accidentally jumped-off from the end of the Central Colorado Airport runway in Buena Vista, told the Airport authorities.

The supercar being driven was a 707 Bhp 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Crash
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Both the men took permission from the authority to test drive their supercar to its limits upon the 8,300-foot Central Colorado Airport’s runway. The Runway is little over a mile and a half long.

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The car was doing a little over 100 Miles an hour when they got to the end of runway and realised it too late. Driving a supercar, they didn’t realised they were so fast and subsequently lost control. The speed was just too high when they reach the end of the runway.

The car rocketed upto 300-feet after flying over the end of the runway, flipping over end-to-end multiple times before it ultimately landed on its wheels over 650-feet from the end of pavement.

The car was found wrecked about 650 feet upfront from the end of the runway. Several skid marks were found across the end of the runway.

The car was being driven by Lynd Fitzgerald, aged-71, of Colorado Springs, along with Roger Lichtenberger, aged-76, of San Marcos, California. Both the men were declared dead at the scene.


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