Ford Mustang And Porsche 911 Carrera for Rs.4,400 – Crazy But True

Being a sports car enthusiast and couldn’t afford one is one of the worst feelings in the world. But what if someone let you drive away a mighty Ford Mustang or a Porsche 911 for just Rs.4,400. Yes, you read it right, a company known as will let you rent out a Porsche 911 or a Ford Mustang for just Rs.4,400.

ford mustang


However, there is a certain limitation. You’re only able to rent out the vehicles from if you’re either based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijaywada or Vishakapatnam. For Rs.4,400, you could be behind the wheel in either of the two for 10 Kms and atmost 2 hours. However, there are many options available regarding the amount of distance that you can drive or a fixed time limit.

You can hire the above mentioned luxury cars in available options such as Rs.27,500 per day and 180 Kms or Rs.55,000 per day and unlimited kilometres. The security deposit for both the cars is Rs.1 Lakh. There are only two car options available in Bangalore. However, if you’re based in Hyderabad, there are a plenty of cars available to be hired.

Here are the few options available in Hyderabad –

  1. Maserati Ghibli

maserati ghibli

Maserati’s premium sedan, the Ghibli is priced similar to the Mustang in terms of renting out. The Prices for the same are mentioned above.


  1. Mini Cooper

mini cooper

The Mini Cooper offered to hire is a previous generation model, therefore it costs much less than Mustang or Maserati. The car can be held for a whole day at Rs.5,499 and Rs.20 per km. For unlimited kilometres, the price is Rs.10,000 per day. The Mini Cooper has a 1.6 Liter naturally aspirated engine that churns out 122 Bhp and 160 Nm of peak torque. The security deposit for the same is Rs.50,000.


  1. Audi RS5

audi rs5

The Audi RS5 is a fast cruiser which is a performance counterpart of the regular Audi A5. The Audi RS5 can be held at a price tag of Rs.3,300 per 10 km and the time limit here is 2 hours. For a whole day, the cost is Rs.22,000 and Rs.120 per km. For unlimited kilometres, the price is Rs.44,000 and the security deposit is Rs.1,00,000. The Audi RS5 is powered by a massive 4.2 Liter V8 that generates 444 Bhp and 430 Nm of peak torque.


  1. Porsche 911 Carrera

porsche 911 carrera

The Porsche 911 can be held for a price same as the Ford Mustang, however, some of the charges are different. For one day, the 911 can be had at Rs.33,000 and Rs.175 per km. For whole 24 hours, the car will set you back by Rs.66,000 for unlimted kilometres. The 911 is powered by a 3.4 Liter V6 generating 325 Bhp and 390 Nm of peak torque. The security deposit for the same is Rs.1,00,000.


  1. Mercedes Benz E-350 Cabriolet Convertible 

mercedes e-350 cabriolet

The E-Class can be held for Rs.2,200 for 10 kms and 2 Hours. For a day, the E-Class is available at Rs.17,500 and Rs.70 per km. For a whole day and unlimted kilometres, the E-Class is available at Rs.14,500 per day with a security deposit of Rs.50,000.

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