7 Ways in which a Guy can Impress a Girl with his Car

A Fleet of Cars and Women is definitely a guy’s two favorite things, but do you know how well they mix up?

Cars that attract females and more importantly cars that get the most attention is probably every guy’s dream car. But how can a guy impress a girl with his car?

Here are 7 ways of how can a guy impress a girl with his car –

By Keeping it Clean


It really doesn’t matter whether you have the hottest car on the planet or not, but if its dirty, you’ll definitely not be able to impress a girl with your car.

When girls see a really dirty and messy car, they automatically assume that the guy inside is also messy, fair and square.

Make sure to always keep your car clean as you can. And if you don’t have time, at least wipe-off the dirt from your ride before heading out.


Having An Amazing Set of Wheels

clean alloy wheels

Guys think that their wheels probably go un-noticed by girls, but they’re wrong. Girls do notice these things, keep that in mind.

But don’t opt for something over the top such as wheel spinners. That would do more harm than good.

Girls do like an amazing and a sharp looking set of wheel, especially when they’re not covered in mud or brake grim. (See Point No. 1)


Great Sound System

car sound system

Girls definitely don’t want their ear drums to burst-out while riding in your car, but they rather like to listen to some sweet music while enjoying the ride.

While plenty of cars  of today offers great music systems by default, but you can always opt for a bigger and a better sound system.

And remember, if yours is too-loud or too-bassy, girls won’t ride with you for a second time.


Bigger Engines

car engine

Guys, you know this, Power-is-Sexy. A car with a lots of horsepower is absolutely liked by girls. Straight and Simple.

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Have Some Info About Cars

flat tyre

There is nothing less sexy than a guy who cannot tell or point out that what is wrong with his car. So, study up the basics at least.

For God’s sake at least learn to replace a flat tyre.


No Stickers and Decals

car stickers

While a single or a combination of smaller decals look good. But, an over-abundance of of stickers all over your car looks absolutely messy.

It looks like you’re hiding a spot or a dent beneath them. It’s definitely not cool. Try to keep your ride sticker-free as much as possible or to a minimum at-least.


Knows How to Drive

guy driving car

Don’t be an irresponsible or an in-considerate driver. Cutting people off and yelling at other drivers isn’t sexy. Also. Don’t ever drive like a speed demon.

Be as much responsible on the road as you can. Follow up all the rules and essentials of driving. Being good on road indicates that you’re also good in real life, that impresses girls more than anything.



Here was our list on how you can blend-in women and cars. Did we miss anything? Did you have anything to add? Tell us in the comments.  

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