In A Bizarre Incident, A Mumbai Girl Got Crushed To Death Under A Hydraulic Crane

A 34-Year old girl, named Shilpa Puri was crushed to death under a hydraulic crane after her 2-Wheeler slipped off, certainly due to an imbalance on the road and she fell.

The incident took place near Khargar Area, Mumbai.

Crane accident

The Whole incident got captured on a CCTV installed at the place of mishap. Shilpa was on her way to home when, precisely at Utsav Chowk, when she lost her balance and got crushed under the crane.

The Crane had no time to stop and prevent this unfortunate incident.

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The Part of the road which led Shilpa losing her balance was recently renovated. It was two to three inches higher than the existing ground level, due to which her 2-Wheeler slipped and she fell on the ground.

Sadly, the disproportion of roads and the gap has been filled and levelled with mud, post the whole incident.

Below is the CCTV Footage of the incident –

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