How To Double Your Car’s Tyre Life – From 50,000 KMs To 1,00,000 KMs And Much More

Your vehicle’s tyre life solely depends upon the way you drive. Did you ever asked someone about their car tyre’s life, who drives gently and responsibly? The answer would be near 1,00,000 KMs. Yes, but how? On the other hand, you needed to replace your tyres at about 50,000 KMs. You must be wondering how is it even possible to attain 1,00,000 KMs on a single set of tyres, but in reality it is true, here’s how –

Drive Moderately

The difference that driving gently and moderately makes is the longer tyre life it returns. Driving moderately means comparably less wear and tear, less heating and the alignment will stay intact throughout.

Driving gently and responsible will result in lesser strain over the vehicle, including the tyres. Therefore, always stick to the speed limits and drive gently.


Wheel Alignment And Balancing

Certain imbalance on the roads causes your wheels to go out of proportion. Therefore, always make sure to regularly check upon the balancing and rotation of your wheels, preferably after every 5,000 – 10,000 KMs. Keeping your wheels aligned will ensure that your tyres last longer and their performance with stay intact.

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Maintain Recommended Tyre Pressure

Always try to maintain the recommended tyre pressure in your vehicle. Under-Inflation and Over-Inflation should be avoided. Driving on under-inflated tyres will make them overheat and also put a ton of strain on the tyre walls, causing them to rupture early.

Don’t drive on flat tyres. Change to the spare tyre immediately. Driving with flat tyres will reduce your tyre life considerably.


Don’t Overload

Overloading a vehicle beyond its limits will put ultimately more load on the tyre, causing it to wear out quickly. Overloading compromises the durability of tyre and the suspension. Overloading can also cause the tyre to burst out in case of beyond-the-limit scenarios. Therefore, always carry recommended weight in your car.


Finally, Choosing the Right Tyre

Right Selection of a set of tyres is a necessity. For maximum life, always opt for the Hard-Compound tyres. Precisely, Yes, the comfort and grip levels would be compromised, but these tyres will go the distance. Overall mileage will also be improved dramatically.

Also, avoid Chinese tyres makers at all costs. You can opt for some good examples such as Bridgestone Dueler, JK Tyres Tornado or Apollo Amazer-4G.

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