This is the Most Ravishing 2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified Hatchback

Just a few weeks post the all-new 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport’s release, a very popular and known car illustrator X-Tomi Design has rendered the 2021 sporty hatchback. The Suzuki Swift is massively popular among the car modifiers because of the extent to which the vehicle can be modified.


The 2018 Suzuki Swift Modified Render

2018 swift modified

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As the beautiful render exhibits, the inclusion of spacers provides the car with a much wider pose, and the side-skirts beautifully add-on to the width of the car. The vehicle is also suitably lowered along with installation of the low profile tyres on much wider alloy wheels.

Moreover, the ORVMs have been blacked out along with the whole roof. The rear windows and the taillights have been smoked out as well. The presence of a Spoiler at the rear adds in to the sportiness of the car and even makes it much appealing than before.

This 2021 modified swift sport features a dual tone Golden-Silver extra wide alloy wheels that looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The Front fog lamps have been painted out in Gold as well.

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