A Petrol Pump in Bangalore is Serving Free Food To Their Customers

Today, the work pressure in our lives is so saturated that we hardly get time to think about our personal life as well as our health.

Keeping this is mind, a Petrol Pump in Bengaluru has started offering free meals to their each and every customer that visits them in order to refuel. The highly courteous Petrol Station we are talking about is Venkateshwara Service Station, located near Indira Nagar RTO on Old Madras Road.


trafficThe Organization behind this is VSS, which has collaborated with Indian Oil Corporation to serve meals to everyone who visits their station.

The Served Food is cooked in a centralized kitchen located near the petrol station. The Food is then stored at the petrol pump where it is reheated and served.

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For the people that don’t want to refuel but rather have to eat food, they can do so by paying a small amount for which the food will be either served to them or packed for them.

Prakash Rao, the owner of the petrol station said that no matter how much busy a person is, if there is need, he will definitely come to refuel for which we will refuel their tummies too.


indian food

Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods will be served within no more than 5 minutes.

This Free Food campaign will run for a month after which it is said to become chargeable. Their vision is to feed as many people as possible across the country.

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