Volkswagen Polo GT Vs Maruti Baleno RS – Which One You Should Buy ?

The Indian Automobile market is definitely getting bigger upon Performance Hatchbacks. The demands for cars with more powerful engines is growing exponentially. From Volkswagen Polo GT to Fiat Punto Abarth, indian automobile market is experiencing a great demand for these hot hatchbacks.

Now, Maruti Suzuki is out with a much faster version of their popular hatchback, the Baleno. Termed as the Baleno RS, it will sport a 1.0 Litre turbocharged petrol engine competing with the already established hot hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Polo GT and the Fiat Punto Abarth.

While the Fiat Punto Abarth sports a much larger 1.4 Litre turbocharged petrol engine, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it with 1.0 Litre engine on the Baleno RS. But it can definitely compete with the likes of Polo GT.


Price Comparison – 
polo gt vs baleno rs
Just like the Polo GT, the Baleno RS will be available in the higher end Alpha trim only. It is however priced lower than the Polo GT which has the sticker price of Rs. 9.05 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi).While the price gap is not that much, the Polo GT can be considered as value for money as you’ll just get more features at a little price more. The feature will be Volkswagen’s excellent 7-Speed DSG gearbox. (This is only available in the TSI Petrol version though)


Specifications – 

polo gt vs baleno rs

The Baleno RS will be powered by Maruti’s new 1.0 Litre Turbocharged Petrol engine, that churns out 100 BHP power and 150 NM of Peak Torque. The transmission available in the indian version is 5-Speed Manual. However, internationally, there Is an option of a 6-Speed Automatic too.

The Polo GT TSI sports Volkswagen’s 1.2 Litre Turbocharged Petrol Motor that outputs 105 PS Power and 175 NM of Peak Torque. This model however is only available in 7-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Gearbox. There are no paddle shifters or a Push Start Button but it has Electronic Stability Control and Hill Hold Control.

If you want a Polo GT manual, then you’ll have to go for the GT TDI Diesel version which is solely available in the manual transmission only.


Dimensions –

polo gt vs baleno rs

In accordance with the exterior dimensions, both cars are similar, but it is the Polo GT, that lacks cabin space, especially at the rear seats. But it do have a larger Boot as compared to the Baleno RS. On the other hand, Baleno RS has a really decent cabin space and the passengers will be quite comfortable at the rear seats of the Baleno RS.

polo gt vs baleno rs

Both these cars only have a Higher Performance Engines apart from their regular counterparts. There is no change in dimensions though for both of them.


Mileage –
polo gt vs baleno rs

ARAI claimed mileages of Polo GT and Baleno RS are 17.21 KMPL and 21.1 KMPL respectively. Real world figures however will vary.


Features –

polo gt vs baleno rs


Both the cars are available only in the higher-end trim as I told earlier. So they definitely are feature loaded. Whereas, Baleno RS gets certain latest technological features such as LED Daytime Running Lights, Projector Headlamps and LED Tail Lamps. However, it lacks certain features that Polo GT consists of such as Cruise Control, Cooled Glove Box, Cornering Headlights and Rear Fog Lamps.


Conclusion –

Price – The Volkswagen Polo GT is certainly priced somewhat higher than the Baleno RS but you’ll

Get more features for more price.

Specifications – The Polo GT wins here as it has more power and a better Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission.

Features – Polo GT is fairly well-equipped but Baleno RS is unique in its own way.

Design – Looks and feels are one’s personal choice. This depends upon one’s taste in cars and how one sees a car. This is definitely to be decided by you.


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