The New Datson Redi-GO 1-Litre First Drive Review

The Datsun Redi-GO’s 1-litre is primarily focused at improving the car’s overall performance and finesse, contrary to the standard 800cc version which purely focused on the fuel economy. Now, the increase in Power and Torque will surely help this new 1-litre version while cruising but will it make the Redi-GO remarkably better than the previous version? Let’s checkout.

datsun redi go 1 liter
Credits – Datsun India

Unlike its closest rival, the 1-litre Renault kwid that differentiates itself from the standard model with a silver finish on the ORVMs and some astonishing decals plastered on the sides, there is nothing more that differentiates this new Redi-GO 1-litre from its standard model, except a tiny badge of 1.0 at boot lid.

Everything that makes the standard Redi-GO stand out from other entry level cars is that it includes its boomerang shaped tail lights, bugging tailgate, chiseled bumpers and a new hexagonal grille. In short, this car has a cohesive exterior and its compact design helps to keep its footprint as compact as its name.


The Interiors

Unexpectedly and contrary to its compact exterior, the Redi-GO’s cabin is actually more spacious than it appears. Due to its high stance as compared to other budget hatchbacks, the Redi-GO’s cabin is easily accessible and its overall visibility is excellent.

datsun redi go 1 litre
Credits – Datsun India

Moreover, the plastics are tough and are resistant to wear and tear. The dashboard’s layout is typically low-key as expected. On the other hand, as compared to other cars in same segment, there is a great sense of airiness that is undoubtedly aided by the large glassframe, so the cabin is really not a bad place to be.

Among such unique things such as rectangular centre air vents and its blue instrument panel, Datsun’s effort to make things look funky remains unchanged.

The visibility on the Front and Sides is quite well; but things are not similar when it comes to driving comfort due to lack of non-adjustable height for both seat and steering column. But we noticed that centre console’s lower half eats into the footspace well, eventually spattering the driver’s left knee.

datsun redi go 1 litre
Credits – Datsun India

However, Redi-GO scores well when it comes to rear seat comfort- it offers good under thigh support with its high mounted bench and the upright backrest also feels comfortable. As compared to Maruti Suzuki Alto k10 and Hyundai Eon Redi-GO offer better head and knee room. The Datsun has a flat bench too, that allows to move due to extra room and it’s easier to accommodate three people across.

At some places, the cabin seems to be well thought. Redi-GO has exposed storage bins to maintain decent storage space at the lower-half of the dash board. And it offers exceptionally well large central storage.

This new 1-litre variant is available in T(O) or S trim, whereas the standard model is offered in 5 variants. Both T(O) and S trim has body colored bumpers, MP3 audio player, fabric seats, centre console with piano black finish, fabric seats, power windows and central locking. However, safety features are exclusive for S trim such as driver airbag and daytime running lamps.

datsun redi go 1 litre
Credits – Datsun India


How well does it drive ?

The Redi-GO carries the same CMF-A platform made for India that we’ve seen in the Renault Kwid. It also shares its Gearbox, Suspension, Engine and other bits with the Kwid. This 1-litre model carries a 999cc under its hood as a 3-cylinder motor that kicks out 68 Bhp and 91 Nm of peak torque. These figures might seem to be underpowered, but for a compact hatch like Redi-GO, they account for enough power to pull-off this car.

It offers great response for sudden throttle inputs at about 2500 rpm. On the move it offers decent punch, but when it comes to traffic it’s not so impressive. Being a 3-cylinder motor, it vibrates at idle and there is an instantaneous power lag every time you release the clutch.

When it comes to a car like the Redi-GO, they are primarily designed for cities and in this regard, its enough at this price point. As compared to the 800cc variant, this 1- litre version is definitely vigorous and provides extra grunt in the midrange. It remains quite and modest as long as you don’t pull it hard. Due to Redi-GO’s compact design it’s easy to park and move around the city. The turns would feel bigger too, thanks to Datsun’s 3-point turns.

The Redi-GO 1-litre winches bad roads quite pleasantly. The high profile tyres and long travel suspension helps to digest potholes and pebbles greatly. Though at higher speeds, the suspension wobbles over mid-corner bumpers and transfers road joints into the cabin. There is high body roll due to softly sprung setup and its highly important that there’s some considerable road noise from wheels and suspensions on rough plains.

Due to lack of its power, the 800cc Redi-GO is not suited for 2-lane narrow roads at high speed, but this new 1-litre version is sure to provide greater feedback and simpler overtakes. Similar to Renault kwid 1-litre, this engine also sounds and builds up momentum too, that isn’t a bad thing either.


Should you buy it?

For a budget hatch this Redi-GO 1 litre proves to be stronger than its predecessor, though it’s quite far from perfect. It has a great visibility and it’s smoother on the roads. It’s easier to drive around the city and park well (getting a parking spot is tough deal in cities). Due to its more funky and upmarket design, it looks more attractive and catches more eyes than the equally stylish Hyundai EON and ever popular Maruti Alto.

This car hits a logical balance between performance and efficiency, it’s just marginally less efficient than the 800cc model, but it’s definitely more potent and peppier in real world than the latter.

The new Datsun Redi-GO competes well in the highly competitive 1-litre hatchback segment. So it will fit in the market to take on the likes of its French sibling, the Renault kwid, Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Suzuki Alto.

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