The New Renault Duster is Just Round the Corner – All the Details Here

It has been a long time since the Renault Duster first came out. The Duster is been on sale in India since a long time now but has undergone only few updates till now. The SUV has started showing signs of aging as the car contains several features and elements that have become outdated. Therefore, Renault is going to unveil an all-new model of the SUV soon. Here are few things that you must know about the upcoming Duster –

 renault duster 2017


Its Grown Up

Yes, the upcoming new Renault duster will be  bigger than the ongoing model and will definitely be more spacious on the inside. However, Reanult wants the Duster to maintain its compact design and aesthetics, therefore the space inside would be packaged accordingly.

 renault duster 2017

Launched at Frankfurt

Earlier there were several speculations and rumours that this vehicle was supposed to be unveiled in July, but all these rumours were shut down when Renault confirmed that they are going to release the new Duster in September at the Frankfurt Motor show. Though company might tease the official pictures of the vehicle in August, but to actually have a look at the vehicle, you’ll have to wait a bit longer till the Frankfurt Motor show.


Same platform

renault duster

Since its inception in India, the Duster is based on the same BO Platform as it was from the beginning. The newer model will also be based on the same platform but with some more tweaks and improvements, to look and feel more upmarket of course.


No seven-seaters

renault duster 2017

Several reports made earlier indicated that the new Duster will be a full size 7-seater SUV. But as further confirmed by the commercial director Mr. Francois Mariotte, the rumours and reports doesn’t hold true. This means that the new Duster will be a compact and regular 5-seater SUV. However, the full details about the changes are yet to be cleared when the car will be showcased in September.


For India in 2018

renault duster 2017

While the Duster is set to be revealed in September 2017, there is a good chance that you’ll have to wait for an year till this car officially lands upon Indian roads. However, we can definitely have a look of this vehicle if the company showcases it at the 2018 Auto-Expo, but as of now there is no clarity about this as well. Duster requires a mandatory update since it has started showing signs of ageing in the Indian market.


Better Equipped

The new Duster may not get fancy frills and but will continue to be feature loaded as mentioned earlier. It will definitely have a better furnishing than the ongoing model. If reports are to be believed, there might be a better infotainment system that will feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The ongoing model already offers a touchscreen MMI with rear camera and navigation but it’ll get better and improved with the new model.


Newer Design

renault duster 2017
Credits – Auto Express

With the new looks, the Duster appears more aggressive and more appealing than before. It is said to have undergone major changes in its design featuring some fine creases across the vehicle, however Renault hasn’t unveiled official sketches of the car.


Low Cost Factor

Since Duster’s initial launch, Renault has been very clear that it will be a well-priced offering. The all-new vehicle will continue this trend as well. For those who are seeking luxury, the company has other high-end SUVs lined up for them such as the Renault Kaptur.


Same Heart

renault duster

The new Duster might continue with the current range of engines. We expect the same K9K 1.5-liter unit. However, the company is developing a brand new 1.6 liter unit, though Indian models might not get hold of it.


Off-Road Capability

According to the company, facts are that it has a capable platform and chassis to maintain its off-road capability. So keeping this in mind, the company does not want to hamper Duster’s 4×4 capabilities.


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