The Much Awaited Tesla Model 3 revealed. Here’s the Info

Tesla is among one of the fastest reputation gaining brand out there. As of now India hasn’t got any Tesla, but soon will. India will get their all new compact Vehicle – The Tesla Model 3 later this year. Until now, we have seen the car in the concept form only, but now, Tesla is all set to make this a reality. Moreover, everything else that you need to know is just below –

Tesla Model 3

What the Tesla Model 3 really is?

This new compact model 3 will be the Tesla’s cheapest car across the world. Until now, Tesla has a Sedan with the name Tesla Model S and a SUV with the name Tesla Model X as per their nomenclature, but the Model 3 will be a compact addition to their existing range of vehicles.

This Model 3 is focused upon the masses that need the futuristic technology, that don’t want a big car and those who don’t want to be extravagant about their spendings. The Model 3 range will start as low as $ 35,000 (approximately 23 lakhs INR).

Tesla Model 3

Taking a quick glance at the features, the Autopilot is the feature to talk the most about Tesla cars. Due to this futuristic technology, Tesla cars can actually drive themselves without human intervention, but for a pre-defined period of time. Every variant of the Model 3 will be equipped with the Autopilot hardware.

The car will be the one to fulfill the 5-Star Safety Rating and will consist of a super-charging option. The Model 3 would sport a massive glass roof, that not only looks good, but also provides a nice sensation of space overall. All the functions of the car are easily customizable by a centrally placed large touch-infotainment display. The further details of screen size and other features aren’t released yet.

The technical specifications for this vehicle are yet to be released. However, what is known for sure is that it will have a single-charge drive range of 215 miles (346 km) approximately, which is quite effective for a regular everyday car like this. Recently, Tesla were in the news because the much talked Model X and Model S are amazingly fast due to the introduction of Ludicrous+ mode among them. Following this, Elon Musk also revealed that its slowest car, the Model 3 will hit 0-100 within 6 seconds.  For the first time, Elon Musk also shared a video of the driving Tesla Model 3 –

Will you be able to get hands on one?

Surprisingly Yes. The Bookings for Tesla Model 3 have been started by Tesla across the world, and yes, that includes India of-course. A lot of people were able to book this car by depositing a sum of $1000. Though Elon Musk revealed that the car will be launched in mid-2017, but due to enormous bookings and huge demand for this vehicle, the deliveries are expected to begin either in 2017 fall or the beginning of 2018.


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